Professional Errand Services
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Email: zigzagmom@earthlink.net
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Too Busy? Busy Professional? Single Parent? Busy Mom?

Can't find the time? Can't afford to take off time from work?

Let us help you!

Services Offered

We offer a wide range of services for your busy life:

Especially for Realtors:
Need agreements delivered for initials?
Need to have your deliveries overnighted?
Need Flyer Boxes filled?
Need Mailings addressed?

We also offer:

Local Courier Services
General Errand Services
Postal Services
Waiting for home deliveries
Waiting for repair people
Gift shopping
Grocery shopping

Pet Sitting
Store Returns

Please note that we do not offer the following services:
Babysitting | Cleaning | Transportation

Service Area
We serve Central Chester County PA

Go-Pher It is a Member of AERO

American Errand Runners Organization

Fee Schedule

Please contact us at the email address below for specific fees.
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